Among the top 15 metro areas, Boston metro area observed the highest year-over-year percentage shift in inventory for sale at the end of May 2024, marking a surge of 41.5% compared to the previous year, with a total property count of 7,240. On the other hand, the Chicago metro area saw the only decrease among the top metros, with a slight decline of 0.2%, bringing its inventory down to 20,861 properties. Among other metros, the Atlanta metro area had a significant increase of 36.5%. Miami, Denver, and Dallas metro areas also reported substantial rises of 33.7%, 31.2%, and 27.9%, respectively. The Houston, Austin, Jacksonville, and Los Angeles metro areas experienced increases in inventory for sale ranging from 23.6% to 21.4%. The Seattle metro area reported a 17.2% increase, and the Washington and Philadelphia metro areas also saw rises in inventory of 10.6% and 10.4%, respectively.

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