Convert your PDF Appraisal docs to MISMO XML

Unlock the data in your Appraisal Docs for decision making or analytics

Convert first generation or scanned PDFs

We can process PDFs containing text or scanned images. Our intelligent OCR process can extract data from any document.

Support for many appraisal forms

Our current support includes:

  • 1004 Single Family
  • 1073 Condominiums
  • 1025 Small Residential Income
  • 1007 Single Family Rent Schedule

Our OCR and Machine Learning models can scale to any appraisal form easily.

Scalable to support any volume of appraisal docs

All our platforms run on AWS cloud infrastructure with dynamic scaling to handle slow volume growths as well as volume spikes.

Deep Learning, Image Processing, and OCR comes together

Our unique combination of image processing, OCR, and deep learning makes helps us handle a wide range of document qualities

Appraisal Digitization

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