• February 27, 2024
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The real estate industry is inherently built on relationships, and successful real estate agents and brokers understand the importance of cultivating long-term connections with their clients. In the digital age, leveraging data and insights on properties has become a powerful tool for professionals in the real estate sector to build and sustain lasting client relationships.

Current practices among agents/brokers to build client relationships

Below are some common practices leveraged by real estate agents and brokers to harness data and property insights to enhance their services, build trust, and foster enduring connections with their clients.

  • Personalized Service: Data analytics and insights allow real estate professionals to provide personalized service tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual clients. This usually translates to offering a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which includes nearby property values and market trends to power the customer to make informed decisions. In the 2010s we saw the emergence of online CMA companies that provided online versions of the CMA and later attempted to automate the CMA generation process using AVM models and market insights.
  • Market Alerts: Some of the IDX platform providers help with automating the new listing or recommended listing alerts to registered users. Especially for the customer who is already in the market, this information can be timely and can help them explore and make a purchase decision.
  • Client Education: Educating clients about the intricacies of the real estate market in general and providing targeted content about the local market – in the form of market trends and local real estate related news could position the real estate professional as the expert and help increase the trust in the services offered. Read the complete article on Prospektr.ai website.
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