PropMix AI Innovation Center

Why does the Real Estate and Mortgage Ecosystem need AI Innovation?

Generative AI is disrupting valuation risk assessments and lending decision making, mortgage product customization, customer service, document generation and marketing. By leveraging generative models, real estate professionals can gain valuable insights for predictive analysis and obtain more accurate and data driven valuations. AI Innovation helps automate tasks such as Contract Analysis and Smart Property Management. By analyzing financial data and credit histories, these models can mitigate risks and improve the accuracy of lending/ investment decisions.

How does help address these needs?

The PropMix AI Innovation Center offers jumpstart services provided in partnership with Innovation Incubator Inc. to accelerate artificial intelligence driven product modernization and cost reduction using Generative AI, Prompt Engineering , AI chatbots and immersive experience technologies on Amazon and Microsoft cloud. The PropMix  partnership with Innovation Incubator will help AMCs and Lenders extend their innovation lab by subscribing to the AI Innovation Center. This will allow them to accelerate time to market and continue to be essential in this rapidly changing market.

Jumpstart services offered through the AI Innovation Center

Product Modernization 

  • Add omnichannel self service AI chatbots to engage borrowers for marketing, point of sales, and customer service.
  • Use your historical repository of past appraisals and transaction data with Generative AI models and automate the most common decision points.
  • Migrate on premise/legacy applications to web/mobile in a Virtual Private Cloud with REST APIs and immersive experience

Cost Reduction and Productivity Enhancements 

  • Use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up valuable resources and enabling teams to focus on strategic initiatives.
  • Add AI based decision support capabilities to improve customer engagement, underwriting and radical personalization
  • Accelerate Data migration to unlock a wealth of new opportunities and superior data-driven outcomes. 

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