• July 4, 2022
  • PropMix Admin
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Our development center in India opened a new office on July 4, 2022, near Technopark in Trivandrum, Kerala. The facility provides a dedicated space for our employees to work together and have fun from an office space. The new office is located in an upcoming area for the IT industry corridor in Trivandrum, with easy access to both Technopark and Technocity campuses. A central location in the IT hub, easy access to software development talent, convenient transit facilities, and physical and network security infrastructure were important factors in choosing this location. Plenty of options for dining, entertainment and residential facilities make this an ideal choice for our employees, especially the youngsters in the team.

The new facility enables our team members to work from a physical office after having worked from home for more than 2 years. This addresses the need of having an office space that allows people to have in-person interactions with each other and solve problems through face-to-face discussions. The water cooler talk is a reality once again! Working from the office is optional, with some team members opting to work all days from the office, while some others opting to work a couple of days from the office. Those who opt for long term work from home will continue to have the option to do so to maintain the flexibility and convenience of being at home while taking care of their work products, and strike the right balance between work and life priorities.

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