• September 8, 2022
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Profet.ai now includes Profet Review – appraisal quality control powered by customizable rule sets, automated comparable scoring, and risk assessment.

NEW YORK, NY / September 7, 2022 / – Today, PropMix has added appraisal reviews to Profet.ai, their flagship platform for property valuations. Profet Review is a comprehensive review platform that automates rule based validations, comparable scoring, and risk analysis to improve appraisal accuracy and compliance. 

Profet Review also supports the extraction of images from the appraisal PDF document and analysis of the images to ensure the required property photos are included. For example, the images should cover different types of property photos – front view, back view, living room, etc., aerial maps, plat maps, appraiser license documents, etc. In addition, it also checks for the presence of humans in the pictures.

The Profet platform is built on PropMix’s nationwide real estate data and machine learning platform and as a result supports deep analysis of comparables to indicate to reviewers of any missed comparables. Profet Review is unique in the industry in the way it combines rule based validations and data driven comparable validation. “AMCs have long asked us for a single platform for all their review needs instead of using different tools for rule drive reviews and comparable scoring.” said Umesh Harigopal, CEO of PropMix. “Profet Review is our answer to streamline the appraisal review process”.

Profet Review, like all other products in the Profet suite, supports single sign-on and fully open and customizable features – custom rule sets, custom review reports, and integration into any order management system or valuation platform. Profet.ai is an ever-growing toolset for the valuation industry to deliver accurate and consistent valuations and reviews. 

About PropMix

PropMix.io LLC, is a real estate data, insights, and solutions company with deep experience in commercializing Artificial Intelligence. PropMix’s platform and solutions are widely used by mortgage lenders, appraisers, realtors, and investors. Built on industry open standards and with intuitive user experience, PropMix’s solutions for the appraiser and lender market empower users to seamlessly engage with data and insights to understand collateral risk, assess appraisal complexity, and make valuation decisions. PropMix was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in New York. http://www.propmix.io


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