Completely automated CMAs that react to market activity. Enables agents to engage sellers and buyers to collaborate online.

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Key Features:

  • Comparable Market Analysis automatically generated but tweak it with your local knowledge and brand it for your business.
  • Every CMA is interactive and “live” – it can react to market changes and alert you and your customers.
  • Instant CMA can generate and deliver a report to your prospects in a matter of seconds
  • Fair Market Value is automatically computed along with a recommended List Price for the property.
  • Real-time Lead Qualification – Dashboard to track your leads generated

How it Works?

Comparable properties are recommended automatically using cognitive computing algorithms that take into account numerous attributes of nearby properties. Similarity scores are computed for every comparable property to help you identify the best comparable properties quickly.

The CMA also uses a built-in regression model along with price index data to compute and recommend a fair market value.

It also recommends a target listing price based on current and historic trend of sold to list price ratios in the neighborhood.


  • Deliver real-time CMA updates to your customers on market events – price changes, new listings, and new sales.
  • Improve customer satisfaction via improved engagement with your customers
  • Generate highly qualified leads from your online portals using a free CMA offer pre-branded for your business

Coming Soon:

A complete online deal room for all the parties – you, the agent, the seller/buyer, lenders, home inspectors, settlement agencies, and title companies.

Hyper local Real Estate Websites

Use our Hyper local content to power your website. Or we can build your differentiated website in days.

Key Features:

  • Plug-in Hyper local content in minutes – Local Market Analysis, Neighborhood, Schools, Businesses, Demographics
  • Build your own or We will build your customized Real Estate Website with Live MLS Feeds & Market Analysis
  • Lead generation via CMA Widgets and Machine Learning based traffic analysis
  • SEO optimized with AI-based automated image labeling

How it Works?

PropMix gathers and analyzes real estate data across the country in near real-time. Our data includes – over 5,000 attributes of information about properties & neighborhoods. We mine this data for insights and surface them as useful content for buyers & sellers.

Visitors to your website can be identified as buyers or sellers based on their patterns of usage of your website. For example: buyers look for major landmarks (schools, workplaces, etc.) and move to finding homes in the area while sellers are looking to compare their home within a particular neighborhood to help them price their home.


  • Differentiate your online presence from nationwide portals such as Zillow or Realtor.com
  • Show your prospects that you are the local expert
  • Understand your local buyers & sellers and their needs directly from their interactions
  • Be the trusted adviser for your customers

Market & Performance Analytics

Use the listing data you have to better understand and prepare for your local market.

Key Features:

  • Competitive analysis to compare your office’s performance against the top 5 brokers in your market.
  • Compare your office with general market performance – your market share by property type, price range, etc.
  • Identify top performing markets similar to yours and use predictive analytics to identify future growth markets.
  • Find top performing agents in your market or a new market you would like to enter.

How it Works?

PropMix has access to extensive real estate data cutting across – listings, assessment, foreclosures, and recorder data – including history of over 10 years, where available. We use this extensive curated data to compute local analytics based on your market jurisdictions. Our computational algorithms range from simple numerical trend analytics to complex machine learning based data mining capabilities that discover patterns in your data.

We first derive your current business strategy & tactics from your past transactions and then make recommendations based on your team profiles, adjacency of the opportunity, and how easy it is to shift your tactics.


  • Agent Performance Analysis: Understand your agents’ relative performance over different financial periods.
  • Analyze and understand all statistics in your markets – list-to-sold price trends by property type and price bands.
  • Competitive analysis in specific markets you play in.
  • Improve your market targeting using deep analytics of your markets.
  • If you are expanding to a new market, find the top performing agents to recruit.
  • Understand and strategize your business using insights from data.